April 2017

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Summer´s still here!

Summer´s Here!

Well, from fleecy pyjamas and thermal underwear- summer arrived in two weeks! It´s now hitting 30ºc regularly. It would seem that Spring is a thing of the past. Working while the kiln was on, had been wonderful up till now, very soon I shall have to work in just my thick leather apron. That conjures up some dubious pictures in my mind! Some photos of some new work and still more to come…..

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New Lampwork bead sets

A few new Lampwork bead sets that I have been working on.

Handmade jewellery showcase on Facebook

Hello to you all

My name is Sue Hayward (AKA spiderfire beads) a new face to most of you and I shall be with you until 9pm Friday 29th.
I was born in Brighton and moved to the Spanish Sierras in 2001 and I love it here! At this time of year we are surrounded by acres of almond trees in full blossom, just breathtaking! blossom5

I began beading years ago and then decided that I wanted to make the beads as well. Anyone who makes beads will tell you it soon becomes an obsession!
All of the lampwork beads in my creations are made by me as are most components too. I do hope you enjoy looking at my showcase (It´s my first ever)

The Handmade jewellery showcase on Facebook starts at 2100 hrs GMT Thurs 28th January 2016 and finishes at 2100 hrs GMT Fri 29th January 2016

Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you can join me tomorrow.

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